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With increasingly virulent variants of Covid-19 now of great concern, scientists, health officials, professors, doctors and The World Health Organisation are aligned in urging the public to wear full protective Filtering Face Piece (FFP) face masks as opposed to cloth coverings. With Germany, Austria and Bavaria now making it compulsory to wear FFP masks on public transport and in shops, the UK government is under increased pressure to follow suit.

Now is the time to support this agenda and ensure the public has access to PPE that offers the most effective filtration performance and provides the best chance of limiting viral aerosol exposure.

In addition to our full range of medical consumables, our range of PPE includes FFP2 / FFP3 face masks & Type IIR face masks (children / adult / anti-fog).

All TSL face masks are independently tested and certified by external labs. We are also developing innovative sustainable solutions for disposable PPE.

Please get in touch if we can work together to protect the NHS and save lives.

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