Our sustainability policy

We believe that all businesses should be responsible for achieving the most sustainable supply chains possible that also minimise the long term impact their activities have on the environment and the erosion of the World’s natural resources.

We are therefore committed to reducing the environmental impact our activities have in two key ways:

Plastic Packaging

TSL are committed to achieving a circular plastics system and will play our part in this by:

  • Making 100% of all plastic packaging we supply recyclable by 2020
  • Making all our plastic packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025. This is in line with the UK Plastics Pact
  • Progressing with our continuous initiative to reduce the amount of plastic we use

Paper Products

As manufacturers of Absorbent Hygienic Products, we are acutely aware of the impact these products have on global deforestation and are therefore certified to Global chain of custody standards to minimise this effect.

This enables us to offer our customers ranges of sanitary protection, maternity and incontinence products that satisfy global Chain of Custody requirements.

Continually improving our sustainability performance is an as an essential part of business strategy and operating methods and we will continue to develop innovative solutions to achieve this.