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Our donation to Focus 4 Hope

Here at TSL we accumulate thousands of products across first aid, feminine hygiene, continence, footcare, eye care…the list goes on (and on)!

So we decided it was time for an office clear out. Astounded by the volume of product we had that could potentially go to waste, we teamed up with Focus 4 Hope, a community-based group who work predominantly with local elderly and isolated / lonely individuals, local homeless and refugees. Focus 4 Hope collect donations of products of all kinds and distribute them to those who need it most, both at home and abroad.

In a massive team effort over the course of two days, we donated thousands of products including plasters and dressings, sanitary wear, continence supplies and footcare items which – thanks to Focus 4 Hope – helped countless people in need.

You can see our CEO, Chris Patterson, pitching in to help fill one of many van loads.

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